Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe’s Birthday Wish? A Guest Role on Glee!

Now that Gabourey Sidibe is a celebrated Oscar-nominated actress, one of PEOPLE’s 100 Most Beautiful and a Saturday Night Live alum, how will she ring in her 27th birthday Thursday?

“I’m going to get my nails done!” Sidibe told PEOPLE at the American Cancer Society’s Choose You initiative luncheon in New York Wednesday. “It’s fun to get a little pampered on your birthday.”
Even though her birthday celebration will be lowkey, the Precious star is thinking big when it comes to birthday presents. “I want an apartment,” she says. “I want an eccentric billionaire to buy me a Manhattan apartment!”
Fresh off hosting SNL, the actress says had the time of her life, especially since she got to show off her singing and dancing talents. “It was a lot of fun to get to do that because nobody really knew that I could sing,” she says. “Maybe people will think I’m now a triple threat.”

Now that the world knows she can carry a tune, Sidibe thinks she’d be perfect for a guest spot on Glee.
“I love Glee,” she says. “I live and breathe for Amber Riley — as well as her character Mercedes.”
“But I wouldn’t want to have a sing off with Amber because she’s actually a friend of mine,” she says. “She’s amazing and fun and it would be so cool to be on the show with her and hang out with the cast. I’m a huge fan.” –-Paul Chi

Idol‘s Top 5 Sound Off on Big Band Night

After performing the standards made famous by Frank Sinatra Tuesday night, Idol‘s top 5 got out of their glad rags and spoke to reporters about working with Harry Connick Jr., dressing to the nines and, in Casey James‘s case, dealing with harsh criticism while ruminating the outcome of the week’s elimination.

Usually quiet and understated on Tuesday nights, James became animated, chatty and self-critical in dissecting his own performance of “Blue Skies,” one that Simon Cowell said seemed “a bit embarrassed and awkward.” Of his first performance on the Idol stage without a guitar, James said, “I was thinking about knitting on stage as I did my song. I looked into it and there’s just not enough time to get a full piece of anything knitted, in one minute 30 seconds, so I gave up on that, and … decided to go with the awkward, ‘I’m not holding a guitar’ move!”

When James, who was in the bottom two last week and the week before, added that, “I feel like I absolutely deserve to go home tomorrow if you base it on this performance,” a concerned Crystal Bowersox admonished him, saying, “I’m gonna smack you, Casey James!”

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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